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What are alpacas
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Alpacas are members of the Camelid family ( loosely related to Camels) and they originate from the Alti-Plano in Peru and Chile. There are two types - Huacayas (the fluffy ones) and Suris (the ones with long plaits). They were first imported into the UK in the mid 90’s. They are kept for their fleece which can be of cashmere or mohair quality. They are intelligent and quick to learn so can be easy to manage but like all animals they do need commitment from their owners. At present, they are not recognised as livestock so there is no requirement for statutory movement regulations to be followed but all records, both medical and movement, should be accurately recorded. They need to be sheared every year and their teeth and toenails should not be allowed to grow too long. They can be grazed with other livestock and they have been used succesfully as guards for both lambs and chickens. There are now approximately 40,000 alpacas in the U.K.