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Before purchasing your first alpacas, you need to decide what you are keeping them for as this will make some of the decisions a lot easier. You can buy alpacas just to have as pets in which case they will tend to be entire or castrated males. If your requirement is for fibre production for hand-spinning or processing then you can purchase either males or females. Finally, you can purchase alpacas  to build a breeding herd in which case you will need to purchase females and stud males at the highest price that you can afford. These alpacas will also be fibre producers but your main income will come from selling breeding stock to other alpaca owners, new or existing. Alpacas range in value from a couple of hundred pounds to several thousands, but basically you get what you pay for. The value of the alpaca is based on the quality of its fleece; it should be consistent throughout the animal with very little variation. The micron of the fibre (thickness of the individual fibres) should be around 20 micron or less. ALPACAS SHOULD NEVER BE KEPT SINGLY OR AS A PAIR - THEY ARE A HERD ANIMAL, 3 AS A MINIMUM. Please see our sales list for details of our animals for sale. Assessment of alpaca fibre is beyong the scope of this website but if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be pleased to help you.