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On the Altiplano, alpacas are kept outside all the year round but it is warm during the day and sub-zero at night. What rainfall they get is during the spring and does not last very long. Alpacas have adapted to life in the UK and like most animals do not like the rain but they can cope with it. It is entirely up to the owner if you provide shelter for your alpacas. It could be in the form of a purpose-built wooden structure which is static or mobile or trees or hedges which create natural shelter. If you do provide shelter, please ensure that it is well-ventilated and the bedding is kept clean and dry otherwise they would be better off outside. At Little Haven, we do have a barn and stables available if needed but all our alpacas live outside all the year round. They have constant access to hay or haylage in covered feeders and their feed is altered based on body condition, stage of lactation or growth and weather conditions.