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Alpaca nutrition is fairly straightforward as long as the basic rules are followed. There has been little research done on feeding alpacas and most of the figures have come from extrapolating data from other species i.e. sheep & cattle. On the Altiplano, they exist on a diet which is high in fibre, low in nutritional value but highly mineralised because of the deep-rooted nature of the plants that they eat. Therefore if you supply your own alpacas with a diet which is high in fibre, of reasonable nutritional value and highly mineralised then you are unlikely to suffer any major problems. The major part of the alpaca diet should come from grass or hay/haylage. They will eat long grass if forced but prefer shorter grass. There are many proprietary brands of alpaca feed on the market so there is no need to feed them cattle, sheep or goat nuts and the decision will probably come down to price and availability. You can give them carrots, fruit etc but do be aware of the risk of choke and they should be used as treats not as part of a balanced diet. We have been keeping alpacas since 2006 and have devised a nutrition plan that has allowed us to keep a very healthy herd of alpacas with few health or fertility problems. We are always available to give ‘down to earth’ nutritional advice so please do not hesitate to contact us. We are suppliers of Cameld Complete feed and JG Animal Health’s Camelid Mineral Supplement.